Sunrise on Clinch River

Sunrise on Clinch River
Misty Morning Sunrise

Friday, February 20, 2015

2014 Historically Speaking

Available for purchase at: 2014 Historically Speaking

2014 Historically Speaking is the ninth annual volume of historical articles published in The Oak Ridger newspaper. Like others in this series, the weekly stories vary from purely historical stories such as "CONTACT Care Line of East Tennessee, an Oak Ridge icon of trained listeners" to stories such as "35 years of rowing highlights in Oak Ridge" Both of these tell stories about different aspects of Oak Ridge life. There is a story about Tim Myrick, an extraordinary man who lived the last year of his life dedicated to helping others while battling "The Beast" (Cancer). Stories of Oak Ridge history here include some of my favorites. I was pleased to capture these details of Oak Ridge history and am glad to bring them to you in this annual book form.

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